This is a collection of projects/ assignments that I have worked on over the last couple of years.

Table of contents

Web development

NUI Galway Mountaineering Club


Student club website build with wordpress CMS. Pretty simple set up, some interesting plugins to give addational features. G suite system admin as well.

Maamturks Challenge


Irish hill walking event website and booking system. Website handles extreme traffic skipes during booking. It’s one of Irelands most popular hill walking events, often selling out all 250 tickets in less then a minute.

Galway Sea Scouts


Simple wordpress website build for a local sea scout group. Application for membership system installed as well. G-suite system admin as well

Climbing Database


Database system and php interface designed to record membership of a student climbing club.

Aimlessing Wandering


Wordpress powered blog platform for Scouting Ireland.


Algorithm Description Link Dataset
K Means How often pairs of elements co-occur in a dataset Python File Random numbers

Prediction algorithms

Algorithm Description Link Dataset
Navie Bayes Predicting sentiment from amazon reviews corpus Notebook File Amazon Review Corpus
hidden markov model Predicting genetic abnormalities Notebook File Genetic dataset
LinearSVC Predicting sentiment from twitter data Notebook File Twitter?
Linear Regression Predicting the number of cigarettes smoked per week from a measure of risk taking in a social context (DOSERT) Notebook File Risk lab dataset
ANOVA/logistical regression Predicting the number of car crashes from a measure of self control Notebook File Risk lab dataset
Logistical regression Building a prediction model to predict if a participant in the dataset has smoked during their lifetime. Notebook File Risk lab dataset
Multinomial logistic regression Building a prediction model to predict the age that a participant started drinking alcohol Notebook File Risk lab dataset
Deep Learning Neural Network Sentiment analysis on tweets No file UCI dataset
Convolutional neural network Image classification car or other no file UCI dataset

Mobile applications

NUI Galway Mobile App


Andriond,ios,Windows The offical mobile application for NUI Galway. I was the team lead on this student/staff project. The app was designed with a e-learning CMS. Since it’s launch it’s been downloaded over 20,000 times and has a daily usage rate of about 1000 hits.

Scouting Ireland advenuture skills

Andriod Simple mit app inventor 2 project, just some images and text. 1500 downloads since launch.

Blog posts

How TDs and Senators plan to vote on Repealing the 8th amendment.


A data visualization project looking at #Repeal8th dataset collected from the Irish Times

#SolidariTea, a twitter analysis.


A twitter data visualization project looking at #SolidarTea. I pulled the data using Pyton old tweet code

Upcoming blog post on #Repealthe8th twitter extraction